Gleam delivered 11 puppies. 2 were still-born. The remaining 9 (7 females, 2 males) are all healthy, quite like and lively.


Aren’t they a lovely couple? For the health results click Niyol's or Gleam's page. This year’s show and work results you find in Gallery 2015.         Sind die beiden nicht ein hübsches Paar?
Gesundheitsresultate finden Sie auf Niyols resp. Gleams Seite. Diesjährige Arbeits- und Ausstellungsergebnisse findet Ihr in der Gallerie



Between end of January and mid of March 2016 it was time to say goodbye to

Her new home is in a beautiful countryside of Germany

She went to northern France close to the shore

She had the longest way to go, she went to Great Britain

This lovely girl had the shortest trip, she went to Switzerland

His new home is a superb boarding stable in Germany

Beside my boy she is  the only one remaining in Italy

She lives now in southern France close to the sea side

She went to a lovely little town in Austria




Tipioni (30.1.2016)


They all listen to the whistle

Tadewi is looking for a friend (28.1.2016)

A bunch of puppies

Tainn (25.1.2016)

Gleam and Theya (23.1.2016)

Gleam and Theya

Tainn on the left, and Tewa

Tadi always sits in the flower pot

Taini; first time she is retrieving a pigeon (22.1.2016)

The whole gang in the car (21.1.2016)

Tangakwunu and friends



Tadi picks his first pigeon

Puppy crowd

Toski + Tangakwunu (20.1.2016)


Tipioni (18.1.2016)

Hurra! it's feeding time (17.1.2016)

Toski, Tewa, Theya (16.1.2016)

in front Tadewi (13.1.2016)



The pups are now 4 ½ weeks old
... and slowely they look like "real dogs" :-)


December 26th
The gang is now 3 weeks old and from the view of an ant they are reaaaly big!

What a combination of beauty and intelligence! :-) :-)

Two aristocratic looking sisters  :-) :-)


The puppies are now 9 days old and are doing fine

All are growing as they should and Gleam takes very good care, therefore nothing to get worried about :-)

I am not so sure if Niyol likes his fatherhood because as soon as you show him on of his pups he turns off…


December 6th 2015
Gleam delivered 11 puppies. 2 were still-born. The remaining 9 (7 females, 2 males) are all healthy, quite like and lively.

Gleam is a fantastic mother, she is just fine as well as the kids.

December 9th 3 days old "The Lady in blue 2" and "Lady orange"

December 8th 2 days old "The Lady in blue 1"

December 7th 1day old  "The Lady in blue 1"

December 6th just born


December 1st.
Day 57 of pregnancy

Everything is prepared to welcome the pups


45th day of gestation / 45. Trächtigkeitstag

My waist-line disappears more and more. For the time being my career as a model is gone...

November 4th 2015



Niyol and Gleam mated a few days ago and now keep fingers crossed!
Vor einigen Tagen wurde der Deckakt vollzogen und jetzt heißt es Daumen drücken!




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