C.I.B. /D/LUX. Ch Anton vom Brachvogelfeld 
CH/IT Ch Tugboat’s N’Mattaponi’s Gleam Of Hope


December 23th
Kaye’rie is now 7 weeks old. She is a very happy and cute little girl.




November 14th
Kayer’ie 2 weeks old.  Kayer’rie is a Mohawk name, it means the “ lucky number”


Welcome little princess

Toni's & Gleam's only child was born, 11h30 AM, caesarean section, no way to avoid it.
Anyhow, Gleam and the very active little princess are doing fine, no problems at all and this is the most important thing 😍
Well, for me it's the first time having "a single child", it will be a new experience watching little princess growing up on her own...
the first pic shows the princess 15 minutes after the birth

(click here to see the video »)



October 2019: Gleam is pregnant and will deliver soon

Unfortunately there won’t be many puppies, probably one or two…
Well, this is nature and it happens for what reason so ever…
I just feel sorry for all the wonderful people who have been waiting for a puppy…



CH/IT Ch Tugboat’s N’Mattaponi’s Gleam Of Hope


C.I.B. /D/LUX. Ch Anton vom Brachvogelfeld 

Toni is a good looking 3 years old male living in Germany, bred in
Austria. He is very friendly and a good working dog and has a lovely temper. He has the breeding license to to special hunting performance.

Toni ist ein ausgewogener 3 jähriger Rüde aus Österreichischen Zucht und lebt in
Deutschland. Er ist äußerst liebenswert, arbeitet freudig und gut. Er hat einen
einwandfreien Charakter.  TAUGL.F.SP.Jagdl.LZ

Toni ha 3 anni, è un equilibrato maschio allevato in Austriaca e vive in
Germania. È molto gentile, lavora bene con entusiasmo e ha senza dubbio un
buon carattere. Ha l’approvazione di allevamento delle prestazioni di caccia.

Toni est un male très équilibré de 3 ans. Il provient d'un élevage
Autrichienne, vivant en Allemagne. Il est très aimable, travail avec de la verve et
de l'enthousiasme et est d'un caractère très bon. Il a le permis de reproduction à l’élevage spécial de performance de chasse.


Health records/Gesundheits Befunde/État de santé/Stato di salute TONI:
Hips A2/A2; Elbows 0/0; Scissor Bite-full dentition
PRA –DM clear by parentage; EIC clear; ED/SFS clear; Longhair K/I; prcd-PRA HC/RD clear (May 2019);

Health records/Gesundheits Befunde/État de santé/Stato di salute GLEAM:
Hips A/A; Elbows 0/0; Scissor Bite-full dentition
OC-FKN clear/clear; LS-ÜGW clear; DM: EIC: ED/SFS: MH: prcd-PRA: GENOTYPE N/N
Longhair Genotype L/L    HC/RD clear (May 2019)

For more pictures, work and show results of Toni see: www.clyjack-retriever.jimdo.com






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